Service & Fees

We know via our own personal experience that a Search / Reunion can vary depending on how much documentation one has and whether the information in documentation is true and accurate. At VNFS we provide you a service based on where you are at in your journey to find family. We have devised a service based on Stages that allow you to pay only for the stage you require. This allows you to process each stage as it occurs, giving the maximum power to you to control how you wish to experience your search and potential reunion.

We have identified 8 Stages. Each stage must be agreed upon and paid for, in advance, before our staff conduct the work required.

Stage 1 Engagement

Stage 2 Pre-Investigation

Stage 3 Investigation

Stage 4 Preliminary Search

Stage 5 Search

Stage 6 Preliminary Reunion

Stage 7 Reunion

Stage 8 Post Reunion




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