Visa Exemption Form for Aussie Adoptees

How to fill out the form:
  • Question on VN address – “Not Available”
  • Question VN Contact – “Not Available”
What Office will the Online forms go to?
  • You can call the Perth Office should you wish to speak to a person about you application – 08 9221 1158
  • NSW/ Queensland and South Australia still have the simpler form (which I find easier)
  • Don’t be concerned that they will instantly start speaking vietnamese when you say you are enquiring about an exemption as they will assume you are a native speaking VN born person.
How do I get a new visa for my new passport?
  • Fill in the SIMPLE form
  • Bring in:
    • a photocopy of your expired passport main page
    • a photocopy of the Visa Exemption from you expired passport
    • you new passport
    • identification papers – VN Passport, adoption papers, marriage cert (so your name change can be tracked through adoption and marriage)
    • $55AUD
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