Kate’s Testimony

I was born in January 1974  and adopted to Australia the same year. I made contact with ISS Australia to help me search for my birth family and they engaged My Huong as the investigator for myself and other fellow Vietnamese adoptees in Australia searching for biological relatives. When I started my search I had a Vietamese passport which had my name and birth date on it and the name of my orphanage.

My Huong is very well connected with Viet Nam government officials and departments. She understands the subtleties of how to go about gaining information and documents that others don’t know how to access. She is aware of the time things can take and works together with her team tirelessly, not just to do the searches she’s been assigned to do, but to lobby and advocate for adoptee rights overall.

To date, she has located a document for me that had my mother’s name on it and she has been able to confirm that the name on my Vietnamese passport is the name my birth mother gave me. She established this when a member of her team visited the orphanage and spoke to some of the nuns who had worked there at the time I was in their care. They told her team member that I was left on the doorstep of the orphanage with a note attached to me with my mum’s name and my name on it. I see this is as a clue that my birth mother left for me 44 years ago that says “come and find me!”

My Huong has created flyers of myself as a baby with information and posted it around local areas in the hopes it may lead to finding my Vietnamese family. She’s also in the process of running an ad in one of the local newspapers.


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