Jason’s Testimony

In 2017 I was fortunate to have used My Huong and the Vietnam Family Search team to help me perform my birth family search. It was a pretty easy and straight forward process.  After we had a few meetings to share what I knew of my story, I sent VFS all the relevant adoption documents I had. My Huong clearly outlined the process and costs and after agreement, got to work immediately.

I really liked the fact that VSF didn’t ask for a bunch of money up front. Instead there were very clear stages, each one was treated separately so I could go as far as I wanted and pay only for the stages I agreed to do.

I felt the VSF team was well-connected to not only effectively conduct a search like mine, (even spoke with local authorities to vet my documentation) but they also physically travelled to my documented home town, Bac Lieu. There, they handed out a one-page flyer to generate conversation and discussion about my story. They also met with the local church that acted as the orphanage in 1974-1975.

In the end, my case was completed but no biological family came forward. I still maintain hope that one day someone may come forward and call the VFS phone number listed on my flyer. If not, I really feel I have done everything possible in my power to locate my biological family because I used Vietnam Family Search.

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