Emma’s Testimony

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I was privately flown to Australia from Viet Nam in 1973 at the age of five to have medical surgeons try to restore my eye sight. Sadly, by the time I arrived, it was too late and nothing further could be done that would be successful. To facilitate my stay here during the medical process, I was fostered in a Catholic family for two years. In 1975, I was meant to go back to Viet Nam. That didn’t happen and I am still here living in Australia.

I have wanted to return to Viet Nam all my life and for as long as I can recall, I’ve been on a quest to find out as much information as possible as to where I came from, whether I had family still living in Viet Nam, what orphanage I came from and so many other questions. I discovered that finding answers about my origins was not going to be easy.

I started asking questions at the young age of thirteen to my guardian at that time.
She was very vague and kept evading my questions. Her answer would always be, “I don’t remember.” But upon probing a little further I learnt she had been in Viet Nam in 1971 for seven months. So, why she could not remember was always something of a mystery.

When I told her I was planning on returning to Viet Nam at the age of twenty-two in the early 1990s and needed more information from her, she was less than helpful. It took over thirty years until I learnt about My Huong’s services via ISS Australia.

When I finally did engage with My Huong there was still very little information I could provide her. All I had were my original Vietnamese passport, some photos during the time I was in the orphanage and my birth certificate.

My Huong has been very good.  She was able to track down a person who took care of me whilst in the orphanage. My Huong also facilitated my participation in a major documentary which aired in Viet Nam this year during TET. As a result of the documentary and two advertisements putting up information about me, seeking anyone who might know anything, someone has come forward and feels sure that I am his lost sister. He is willingly providing a DNA sample to be tested against mine. But of course, I am trying not to build too much hope for this although I can only pray for a miracle that I will find someone who is my biological family.

Here is the link to the documentary for which My Huong organised my participation in. It  aired on national television throughout Viet Nam in February 2018.

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