Location: Viet Nam
VNFS team is hosting an inaugaral Mothers & Adoptees Reunion in April 2020 for anyone adopted out of Viet Nam prior to 1975.
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Details can be found at our Facebook page.

Update: August 2018

Good day fellow adoptees and families. The leadership team has made a decision move the date of the first event to 2020. Location will be Ho Chi Minh city.

This change is due to the positive responses from services wishing to support and collaborate with us, arising from promotion of the event in Vietnam.

It has been wonderful to have so many groups and services display enthusiasm and inspiration to formalise the collective efforts into one important event. We will still be running a followup event in the following year (2021) to support the Vietnamese community.

A sincere apology to those who have been planning for 2019. We appreciate your patience as we look forward to an event which will ensure the relevant stakeholders are involved.

As you know Viet Nam Family Search not-for-profit service is up and running now which is helping Vietnamese families know we are here to help.

Please feel free to contact us in the meantime with any queries you have.

Many thanks

Sue, Jason and My Huong


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