Viet Nam Family Search

Are you searching for your Vietnamese family? We can help!


Welcome to Viet Nam Family Search (VNFS)!

We are an adoptee led service designed to facilitate search and reunion between Vietnamese intercountry adoptees with birth families in Viet Nam.

Viet Nam Family Search is the formalisation of a worldwide service which has been provided informally since 2001.

We are fellow Vietnamese adoptees who understand the lifelong journey of searching for identity, the importance of connecting with our homeland, and the daunting task of finding paperwork and ultimately hoping to be reunited with birth family in Viet Nam. The team has broad personal and case experience. Many years of experience connecting with Vietnamese families searching for their children has developed an acute understanding of their specific needs and sensitivies. It is crucial in cross border searches that the language, social and cultural pathways are navigated respectfully. Our team is able to provide this on your behalf.

Since returning to live permanantly in Viet Nam, My Huong has developed a network of reliable and ethical resources. This has taken many years of perserverance and patience. The team has now established themselves as responsible agents for both adoptees worldwide and Vietnamese families.

In the period 2016 – 2018, International Social Service (ISS) Australia was funded by the Australian Federal Government for InterCountry Adoption Tracing & Reunification Service (ICATRS) for Australian intercountry adoptees. My Huong provided the in-country service to ISS, operating in Viet Nam during this time, while continuing to process cases for citizens other than Australians.

The team is excited after many years to present Viet Nam Family Search as a worldwide service, bringing you closer to understanding your heritage and your family connections.

We are here to walk beside you in your journey, giving you guidance from our experienced team.



Viet Nam Family Search retains the right to approve or refuse to enter into/continue with services provided as agreed/proposed with an individual/group.

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